Insight SIP is pleased to offer a high level of support to its customers.

For enquiries at the pre-sales stage, then please just fill out the form here with your enquiry. You can also contact your Insight SIP regional sales representative if you know them, or one of our Distributor partners in your region. 

For our customers, we are pleased to respond to technical questions, and can assist by reviewing designs for potential issues with RF performance. Again, you can contact your regional sales representative, or via our contact form.

If you believe there may be a fault with one of our products, then we would request that you contact the channel (distribution partner) through whom you bought the product. This will allow us to fully trace the product history and correctly engage our Quality Assurance process. In such cases, it is helpful if you can provide as much information as possible, including the date code of the product, the batch number and a detailed description of the product behavior. 







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