Secure Entry

Digital solutions for entry to buildings and cars have been with us for several years but are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. Magnetic key cards have been the most common option for buildings.For vehicles RF signals have been used for so called “keyless entry”.

Insight SIP customers are building the next generation of secure entry solutions. This can involve the mobile phone acting as a digital key, or using RF technology to manage a complex installation of gates and locks. Simple magnetic swipe cards are relatively easy to clone. Properly stored digital credentials are much harder to copy.

The “receptionless hotel” is becoming more common, whereby the customer is provided with digital access credentials remotely, alleviating the need for a check in process. The same concept can be extended to the home, allowing time-limited access for personnel for maintenance of appliances or building work.

For vehicles, first generation keyless access systems have been shown to have significant security flaws that can be exploited with simple equipment (the “Relay Attack”) but this can be combatted with next generation Ultra-wideband solutions.

Our customers are building solutions targeted at the following markets:

  • Hotel digital access
  • Control of commercial building access systems
  • Secure access to key lockers for telecommunications installation
  • Electronic ticketing solutions
  • Solutions for medium term serviced apartment letting
  • Secure vehicle entry solutions.


Example White Paper: Using UWB and BLE together to create practical and efficient secure entry systems



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