The Modular Advantage

Using a pre-certified RF module of the type offered by Insight SIP offers many advantages to the customer, which are highlighted below:

  • No analogue RF design required. RF is a specialist domain of electronics, and even simple looking reference designs on paper can be difficult to implement in practice
  • Fast prototyping to achieve rapid feedback on customer solution
  • Fully tested component ready to use. All Insight SIP modules are individually fully tested for electrical and RF functions before delivery.
  • Higher yield on customer application. Due to the above, customers can achieve a higher yield on their own application board
  • Simpler supply chain and procurement. One component to order instead of 25 – 50 or more – any of which can suffer supply issues
  • High level support available to handle any implementation issues
  • Fully RF certified devices for key global terrirories - faster time to market
  • Allows customers to focus precious engineering resources on innovative solutions, not “re-inventing the wheel"

Building a customized chip level solution may seem to offer some BOM cost benefits if looked at in a narrow perspective. However, taking a whole lifecycle approach, such savings are frequently illusory. The module approach frequently costs less over the entire product lifecycle, as well as offering benefits in time to market, risk reduction and quality improvement



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