What is the difference between Insight SIP modules and competitor devices?

At Insight SIP we are experts in System in Package and Antenna in Package technology. We use this almost exclusively in our products, and have invested many years of R+D in perfecting this approach. The result is very small devices made in high quality manufacturing environments. We also have deep expertise in RF systems, and have been working on complex RF problems for nearly 20 years. We are specialists in RF devices and as such believe we offer a unique focus on providing best in class devices in this category. Further details are available here about our System-in-Package and Antenna-In-Package technologies

Where do you manufacture your products?

We manufacture with a number of OSATs (Outsourced Assembly and Test) houses, which are in various locations including Taiwan, Philippines and Thailand. Due to the nature of the SIP process, our products are manufactured in high grade clean rooms following a highly structured process. We do not manufacture in the mainland Republic of China.

How do you test your products?

Each module is individually tested in the factory for electrical connections and RF functionality, and also subject to manual visual inspection. We therefore have an extremely low return rate of our products due to this rigorous testing regime.

Can you load custom firmware onto your products?

All of our products are "open", meaning that customer firmware can be loaded on to the product. Sometimes this needs to be integrated with software stacks provided by either ourselves or our chipset manufacturer partners. We can pre-load customer applications into our modules in our factories as an additional service, although we only recommend doing this once the customer application has reached a good level of stability.

What does it mean to have a certified module?

There are various types of certification. The most important is radio certification. This ensures that the module is compliant with radio transmission regulations (which vary by territory). This covers such topics as ensuring the module is transmitting in the right band, and does not transmit above permitted limits at out of band frequencies. Having a pre-certified module greatly simplifies the process of bringing the customer product to market, as it is easy to make mistakes even if following a reference design from a chipset vendor. Our modules are certified for EU, UK, USA, Japan and Korea in all cases, and some modules are also certified for other territories such as the Republic of China. 
Only a module with antenna and RF matching (thus making a complete RF node) can be radio certified. 
In addition, there can be certification for specific radio protocols such as Bluetooth, where the certification ensures interoperability and allows devices to be marketed as Bluetooth compliant.

Can you use an external antenna with your modules?

With all of our modules, you activate the internal antenna(s) by connecting the adjacent pins OUT_MOD and OUT_ANT. The vast majority of customers use our modules in this way. However it is perfectly possible to use an external antenna by running a 50 ohm line from the OUT_MOD pin to the external antenna. See the relevant data sheet for the product in question for more details. In such a case, it is no longer possible to rely on the certification of the module in territories that demand over the air testing.

What is Moisture Sensitivity and what does it imply when assembling your modules on a customer application board?

Our products are moisture sensitive, which means there is a restricted time for which they can be exposed to a normal atmosphere prior to assembly. Our products are delivered in sealed packs, and the Moisture Sensitivity rating (mostly MSL-3, but specified on each product data sheet) determines how long they can be left in a normal atmosphere before assembly. If this time is exceeded, the modules need to be re-baked before assembly. Full details are available by consulting the relevant JEDEC standards on moisture sensitivity.

What is your relationship with your chipset suppliers?

Insight SIP is an independent company and has no exclusive ties with any chipset vendor. We chose to work with technological and market leaders in the different segments where we offer products. We currently offer products based on the silicon provided by Nordic SemiconductorNXPQorvo and Semtech.

Where can I buy your products?

We have an online Shop where small quantities of our modules and development kits and tools can be purchased. For larger volume purchases, we work through our global network of Distributors who can assist customer with such purchases and arranging planned shipments to meet manufacturing schedules.




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