The System-in-Package Advantage

System-in-Package technology is a method whereby multiple components of different types – silicon, crystals, passives, MEMS and others – are combined into a single component. Our modules are therefore complete RF systems offered in a neat LGA package – often only slightly larger than the QFN package option of the semiconductor at the core of the design.

For example, Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52840 chip is available in 6x6 and 7x7 mm QFN packages. Insight SIP’s 1807-LR offers a complete RF node including this semiconductor but with antenna, crystals and RF matching in only a 8x8x1mm package.

Unlike standard PCB based manufacturing that is widely available across the world and as such is of quite variable quality and consistency, SIP manufacturing is carried our by a limited number of major specialist providers. The technology was initially developed for military uses, but has subsequently become an essential part of mobile phone design, allowing maximum function in minimal space. 

Insight SIP has worked with leading SIP manufacturers to develop a number of process innovations to develop this technology for RF devices.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • Miniature design saving PCB real estate. We use the smallest form factor components and packages to achieve class leading size reduction
  • High quality manufacturing process. System-in-Package assembly is carried out in high grade clean rooms using precision technology. This makes the process highly consistent and repeatable
  • World class manufacturing partners. Our assembly house partners provide millions of devices to the world’s top mobile phone brands
  • Comprehensive testing of each component. Each device receives automated electrical and RF testing coupled with visual inspection to ensure it can be relied on by the customer.

In summary, we simply believe this is a better way to design and produce high quality RF devices. 




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