“Tendance Positive” invests in Insight SIP

Sophia Antipolis, France, 10 December 2021 - Insight SIP, the specialist in miniature “System in Package” RF modules, has recently concluded a fund-raising round  in which the fund “Tendance Positive” has made its first investment in the company.

Over the last few years, Insight SIP has enjoyed strong profitable growth of more than 30% per annum. In 2020, despite the diverse challenges of COVID and supply chain shortages, the company posted strong revenue increases This growth has accelerated in 2021.

Insight SIP is focussed on the fast-developing sector of the “Internet of Things”. Each year, different players in the market bring out a diverse range of new connected objects or add connectivity to existing solutions. In parallel, a growing number of clients are adopting the ultra-miniature solutions proposed by Insight SIP.

The COVID crisis has accelerated these developments, in particular

  • For industrial applications, the periodic lockdowns and distancing rules have increased demand for wireless solutions to enable control at a distance: production, measurement and test, data exchange, preventative maintenance, stock management, security and access control... in factories and laboratories, in mines, in exploration for oil and minerals, in transport and freight and logistics.
  • In medical applications, the extended periods of “crisis” operations have led to a strong demand for wireless solutions that can be operated at a distance. For example, the strong demand for connected Spirometers/Intubation apparatus that can monitor the lung and breathing conditions of patients

To provide the financing to support this growth, Insight SIP has secured investment led by Tendance Positive, an investment fund created by Mr Francois Pelissolo, co-founder of the software company Planisware. This operation, which was finalised this week, will permit Insight SIP to start 2022 with an extremely solid financial foundation and support for continued growth. The transaction was based on a company valuation of c. $17 million.

Michel Beghin, President of Insight SIP said “As a co-founder of Insight SIP, I am delighted that Francois has joined us. Through Planisware, he has shown that a small technology company can grow to be a global leader in its sector. I am convinced that on top of the financial support, we will benefit from his experience.”



Francois Pelissolo, President of Tendance Positive said “With Planisware, we have demonstrated that French know-how can open the door to global leadership in niche expanding markets. I see Insight SIP as being a similar opportunity, and I am happy to contribute, at a moment when the electronics supply chain is becoming an issue of geopolitical importance.”


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