Question: We've been asked by IMOC to provide the complete technical specification for NFC or an NFC test report for our ISP1507 integrating the nRF52832 wlcsp chipset. Do you have such document regarding NFC test report on nRF52?  

Answer: According to the designers there is no compliance/certification program for NFC tags currently.  NFC Forum is working on this, and as a NFC Forum Member we are monitoring this closely, and will make sure that our products meet the certification. You can find in the link below a test summary document that have been supplied to some of our customers, even thought is not a formal stamp certification. Our FW designers continuously test interoperability with a number of Android/Windows versions and phone manufacturers with any of these issues. This is, an internal testing and unfortunately we don't have any formal report on this. NFC Performance Test Summary.pdf


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