What is the MTBF / MTTF of the ISP1507-AX (nRF52832)?

Answer: Since integrated circuits are non-repairable equipment the term MTTF is used (Mean Time Between Failure – MTBF is used for repairable equipment).

Please find below our analysis of the ISP1507 MTTF.
MTTF is given in device hours, and is a statistical representation of the time to failure. Our module is integrating passive components, the nRF52832 chip and soldering joints. The main influence on MTTF is concerning the chipset while other parameters can be considered with limited influence.

From Nordic Semi Product Qualification Report, we got the following information:
•         Test identification: HTOL
•         Referencing standard: JESD22-A108, JESD85
•         Test conditions: Temp: 125°C Duration: 1000 hours
•         FIT (60% CL) : 60 (given in 10^9 hours)
•         MTTF : 1/FIT * 10^9 = 1/60 * 10^9 = 16 666 666 hours

In conclusion, MTTF for ISP1507 is estimated at 16 millions of hours.


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