Product Certificates

The manufacture of Bluetooth Low Energy modules is a complex process. The goal is to create a high-yield process where modules pass final acceptance testing. To overcome this, Insight SIP consistently implements a zero-defects and DRIFT (do-it-right-first-time) strategy.

Insight SIP leverages predictive quality planning and monitoring of customer requirements, starting during the development phase. Quality is built in from the start. Insight SIP also carries out regular reviews of its tooling, and statistical processes to ensure the highest quality.

Thanks to sophisticated traceability, Insight SIP is able to detect defects early in the manufacturing process to minimize consequences permanently.

The Insight SIP manufacturing process is audited annually according to the following requirements:

  • ISO9000 standards and several certifications
  • OHSAS18001 – Health and Safety management
  • ISO13485 – Medical requirements
  • AS3100 – Aerospace requirements       
  • QS9000 – Automotive requirements

Standards for products:

  • Bluetooth SIG
  • CE – RED Directive 2014/53/EU, ETSI En 300.328 V2.1.1
  • FCC – RF Rule Parts 15C
  • IC – RSS 210
  • Telec – Radio Law Article 38-24

ISP1507 Certifications

ISP130301 Certifications

ISP1302 Certifications

ISP091201 Certifications


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