ISP3080 series - Last Generation Global Coverage Ultra Wide Band & Bluetooth LE Smart Module (*)

Built-in Antennas UWB and Bluetooth 5.1 / Thread  / Zigbee / ANT+ / NFC Ultra Accurate Positioning Module

  • UWB IEEE802.15.4a compliant (*)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 (*)
    Direction Finding and Long Range
  • BT Mesh, Thread, Zigbee, ANT+
  • NFC-A Tag for OOB pairing
  • Spatial resolution better than 10 cm
  • Fully integrated UWB Band 5 & 9 and BLE Matching and Antennas
  • Integrated UWB 38.4 MHz and BLE 32 MHz & 32.768 kHz Clocks
  • DC/DC converters
  • UWB section based on Qorvo QM33110
  • BLE section based on Nordic Semi nRF52833
  • UWB application controlled by the embedded
    32-bit ARM Cortex M4F CPU
     12 x 10 x 1.0 mm

Module Variants

With integrated BLE and dual Band (5 and 9) UWB antennas offering global coverage with a single device, the ISP3080 is perfectly suited for RTLS, security bubble, access control and indoor positioning applications.

This module is based on Qorvo / DecaWave QM33110 single-chip UWB transceiver and nRF52833 Nordic Semiconductor 2.4GHz wireless System on Chip (SoC). It integrates a 32-bit ARM Cortex™ M4 CPU, 512 kB flash memory, 128 kB RAM as well as analog and digital peripherals. Despite the small size of 12 x 10 x 1.0 mm, the module integrates decoupling capacitors, 38.4 MHz crystal for UWB, 32 MHz and 32.768kHz crystals for BLE, DC-DC converters, RF matching circuits and two antennas in addition to the wireless SoCs. Low power consumption and advanced power management enables battery lifetimes up to several months on a coin cell battery.

ISP3080 differentiates from other module by integrating a multi band antenna in the package, to support both BLE frequency band at 2.4 GHz and UWB frequency band at 6.5 / 8.0 GHz. This is a new and unique concept developed by Insight SiP within a SIP package.

UWB communication is compliant to IEEE 802.15.4. Using a simple user interface controlled over the air by Bluetooth, ISP3080 offers utra precise localisation. For long range applications with typically few hundred meters distance, ISP3080 can be used in conjunction with an external UWB antenna.

BLE connectivity is compliant with Bluetooth 5.1, enabling direction finding and long range features over Bluetooth.


  • 512 kB Flash and 128 kB SRAM
  • 15+8 GPIOs including ADC, SPI, UART, PDM, I2C


(*) NOTE: These modules are using UWB and Bluetooth certified radio chip-set.
These modules are not in mass production, several certifications are pending


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