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Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Development Kit and Test Board


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In order to assist clients in developing their Bluetooth Smart solutions based on the ISP091201, Insight SIP offers Development Kits and stand alone Test Boards. Using these tools, product developers can use a working solution as starting point to develop their own products. Time to market is saved by avoiding starting from a blank sheet of paper.

Please note that Insight SiP Development Kit and Test Board must be implemented together with Nordic Semiconductor kits nRFGo Strater Kit and nRF8001 Development Kit. These kits are not included in Insight SiP Dev Kit and must be purchased separately.

Development Kits

  • Development Kit contents
    • One Test board
    • 5 sample units ISP091201

  • Ordering information
    • ISP091201-BN-DK

Test Boards

  • Package contents
    • One Test board

  • Ordering information
    • ISP091201-BN-TB


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