Securing medical IoT devices: the MEDICYNE solution

In 2019, Insight SiP and its partner CYSEC, leading Swiss cybersecurity specialists, received an R&D grant from the Eurostars programme for their MEDIcal CYbersecure NEtwork project (“MEDICYNE”) proposal to develop an end-to-end secure communications solution for medical IoT devices. Our project was timely as the use of IoT-based connected devices in the healthcare sector has risen significantly. The arrival of Covid-19, pressure on healthcare budgets and increased demand for remote access healthcare solutions have injected a further sense of urgency into our project.

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Limbitless Solutions turns children into superheroes

... with the aid of Insight SIP technology

Limbitless Solutions develops life-changing prosthetic limbs for children using 3-D printing and sophisticated electronics which include Insight SiP’s RF modules for wireless communication enabling children to adjust their prosthetics through an app. Wearing these bionic arms can make the children feel like superheroes.

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DnaNudge – Shopping with your DNA

The world’s first DNA-based healthier food selection service, includes Insight SiP RF module

When shopping for food, many people struggle to make healthy choices, and obesity has become a widespread problem. When following a diet, it is not always easy to access the right nutritional information, particularly when faced with an overwhelming number of foods to select from supermarket shelves. Fortunately, there is now a solution developed by DnaNudge that encourages healthy eating by “nudging” consumers to pick out the healthiest food, most suited to their unique DNA profile and lifestyle, when shopping.

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My_SmartBottle’s connectivity facilitated by Insight SiP’s RF module

We know that it is vital to keep hydrated for the benefit of our everyday health and whilst doing sport. However, it is difficult to tell if we are drinking enough liquid, too little or too much, relative to our bodies and exercise levels. Fortunately Belgian company Ygilis has developed a solution, the very stylish My_SmartBottle which connects wirelessly to an app which tracks and measures your personal hydration needs and advises you on how much liquid to consume and when to do so. Insight SiP’s RF module, facilitating wireless connectivity, plays a small but significant part in the success of My_SmartBottle.

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Insight SiP launches "Security Bubble Covid-19" to apply social distancing at work

Miniature electronic device generates virtual barriers around each wearer

Sophia Antipolis, France – 04 June 2020 - Insight SiP, the French designer and manufacturer of ultra-miniaturized electronic components, launches the "Security Bubble Covid-19" an electronic device which generates virtual barriers around each wearer to help them comply with governments’ health and safety recommendations to protect their citizens from contamination by Covid-19.

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