BT5.1 - Direction finding and positioning with BLE

Angle of Arrival (AoA) / Angle of Departure (AoD)

The latest version of the Bluetooth Standard (5.1) was official adopted on 21st January 2019, with the most significant development being the “Angle of Arrival/Angle of Departure” feature. In simple terms, this allow one device to find the angle from which another device is transmitting.

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Insight SiP and CYSEC SA awarded Eurostars grant for their MEDICYNE R&D project

Sophia Antipolis, France, 24th September 2019 

Insight SiP, a leading developer and vendor of ultra-miniature RF modules using System-in-Package (“SIP”) technology, based in Sophia Antipolis, France and its partner CYSEC, leading cybersecurity experts, based in Lausanne, Switzerland, are delighted to have been awarded a research and development (“R&D”) grant by the Eurostars programme for their MEDIcal CYbersecure NEtwork project (“MEDICYNE”) proposal to develop an end-to-end secure communications solution for medical IoT devices.

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Multiprotocol Modules

Bluetooth Low Energy started life as a simple point to point “master/slave” protocol, enabling low power connections. Indeed, we still see many new customer applications requiring little more than this – the ability to connect new or existing pieces of electronic equipment easily and wirelessly to a smartphone, tablet or computer remains very powerful. Just with this simple use-case, you have a rich range of possibilities – medical/health related wearable, easy interface to industrial electronics, battery powered monitoring add-ons, and many more.

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RF module product spotlight ISP15 & ISP18 series for BLE app

Insight SIP introduced the 1507-AX BLE model around two years ago. It quickly became our “best-seller” offering a superb combination of performance and price in the smallest package on the market. We are now building on this success by expanding our offering with another product in the 15 Series, and launching the 18 Series products which open all kinds of new possibilities for our customers.

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SleepTuner™ wearable developed with Insight SiP's RF expertise

Beddr, a US health technology company, has created the SleepTuner™, the world’s smallest wearable that measures how breathing and sleep positions affect sleep quality. Through an app, it also offers insights into how to sleep better. Beddr has developed the SleepTuner™ with Insight SiP’s expertise in ultra-miniature RF modules.

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Squeeze in more functionality with SIP technology

Nick Wood, President, Insight SiP explains how design engineers can use SIP (Systems-in-Package) to squeeze ever more functionality into ever smaller spaces.

System in Package is a way of providing a complete system in what looks externally like a single component (like a chip in a QFN package), but which inside are increasingly sophisticated systems, which can incorporate semiconductors, passives and RF components.

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Insight SiP launches new ISP1807-LR module

The first fully Bluetooth 5.0 Long Range compliant and smallest RF module on the market

Lire en Français: Le premier module entièrement compatible Bluetooth 5.0 Long Range et le plus petit du marché

Auf Deutsch Lesen: Das erste und kleinste vollständig mit Bluetooth 5.0 Long Range kompatible RF Modul auf dem Markt

Sophia Antipolis, France, 13 November 2018 - Insight SiP, the specialist in ultra-miniature RF modules, is launching the ISP1807-LR module, which it believes to be the first fully Bluetooth 5.0 Long Range compliant RF module in a miniature SIP package. It measures only 8x8x1 mm, making it the smallest of its type available.

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