Mentalista technology includes Insight SiP RF modules to monitor brain activity and control objects by thought

For a long time, communicating by thought has been the dream of many people, and the subject of many science fiction films. Today, this dream is a reality, and Insight SiP is making a major contribution to it.

Mentalista, a French deeptech company founded in 2017, now offers the technology to monitor the brain and control objects by thought, using electroencephalogram (EEG) technology and brainwave collection and analysis.

The possibilities are numerous: managing fatigue and stress and preventing burnout; controlling home automation using mental states; improving training content by recording attention levels; enhancing the human condition by easily detecting pathologies with a plug and play device.

Mentalista’s proprietary brainwave acquisition boards can be embedded in a wide range of form factors, to adapt to all types of use including hats, audio and virtual reality headsets and worksite helmets.

Insight SiP’s ISP2053 RF module is a perfect example of this integration capability, and fully meets Mentalista's expectations. It offers similar hardware to the competitor's previous model, at a reduced size, while directly integrating an oscillator. Moreover, the miniaturized antenna performs just as well as the previous board, but takes up less space, making it easier to integrate into many everyday life form factors.

In addition to brainwaves, the multimodality feature developed by Mentalista enables the acquisition of other data, whether physiological (heart rate, eyetracking, realtime position, etc) or environmental (video, audio, gps, etc). This feature, which makes it possible to label brainwaves to better understand them, is energy-intensive and requires optimization of data transfer.

The same applies to hyperscanning, another feature developed by Mentalista to synchronize the reception of data from several users at the same time, bringing brain analysis to social      interaction     .

Multimodality and hyperscanning are important features for Mentalista. Due to its low power consumption, crucial for Mentalista, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology emerged as an obvious selection for the wireless communication protocol. In addition to BLE, Insight SiP’s ISP2053 RF module supports a wide range of wireless protocols.

Finally, Bluetooth Low Energy is an ideal option for end users who simply want to use their smartphone to connect to a web application through the Web Bluetooth API, enabling them to control everything using their thoughts!


About Mentalista

Mentalista is a deeptech company, specializing in brain-environment interfaces. Their goal is to empower everyone with a more instinctive technology.

They create a new language using brainwaves in which users' thoughts allow them to interact with their connected environment. With the launch of the Mentalista hardware & software ecosystem, they give Industrials, Integrators & Laboratories the opportunity to build the future by redefining how humans interact with technology.

Visit Mentalista website here!

Enter the World Wide Brain, the immersive Keynote, by Bastien Didier, founder, Mentalista at the ICT Spring 2022
Mentalista présenté par son fondateur, Bastien Didier


About Insight SiP

With its R&D team based in Sophia Antipolis in the south of France, Insight SiP specialises in the miniaturisation of RF modules using System-in-Package technology. Its unique offerings include the smallest complete BLE module in the world, the world’s first Antenna-in-Package, the world’s first UWB/BLE and LoRa/BLE combo modules with integrated antennas, and the world’s smallest microcomputer in an SD card format.

Created in 2005 by experienced electronic industry executives, Insight SiP has been a global business since 2008 with a subsidiary in the US, a sales office in Japan and a network of over 30 distributors across the globe. (


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