My_SmartBottle’s connectivity facilitated by Insight SiP’s RF module

We know that it is vital to keep hydrated for the benefit of our everyday health and whilst doing sport. However, it is difficult to tell if we are drinking enough liquid, too little or too much, relative to our bodies and exercise levels. Fortunately Belgian company Ygilis has developed a solution, the very stylish My_SmartBottle which connects wirelessly to an app which tracks and measures your personal hydration needs and advises you on how much liquid to consume and when to do so. Insight SiP’s RF module, facilitating wireless connectivity, plays a small but significant part in the success of My_SmartBottle.

Tracking hydration

My_SmartBottle is a smart bottle equipped with sensors and a connected backend which continuously tracks personal hydration. It monitors fluid intake and sends this data to the cloud. An algorithm provides personalised hydration recommendations to health-conscious end users, sports people and their coaches or healthcare providers and their patients.


Ygilis CEO and founder Koen Lenie’s inspiration for his My_SmartBottle came from a discussion in 2016 with a cyclist friend. They realised that in the world of sport, people knew everything about their bodies and needs from wearables except about their hydration, an aspect of health which can have a significant impact on achieving optimal performance. That set him on the road to developing the My_SmartBottle. He says, “As a start-up it is our mission to develop a smart and connected hydration system that will help you monitor, manage and improve liquid intake to achieve a healthier lifestyle!”

Embedded wireless connectivity

Ygilis created the My_SmartBottle with the help of a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solution including an ultra-miniature RF module, the ISP1507-AX, developed by Insight SiP. This ultra-miniature RF module, measuring only 8 x 8 x 1 mm,  is embedded in a removable “sensor module”. The sensor module fits into the lid of the smart bottle, enabling it to communicate data wirelessly with the My_SmartBottle mobile app and acts as a USB-powered battery charger.

Exciting features

The My_SmartBottle has some great features including an app which :

  • Calculates and recommends your daily hydration level, based on the average known needs for people with the same height, weight and age.
  • Guides you through the day to help you achieve an optimal hydration level.
  • Enables you to input data about other drinks you have had which have not been through My_SmartBottle. The app then takes account of this additional intake of fluids when making recommendations.
  • Gives you reports on your hydration history.
  • Sends you motivating messages to keep you on target with your hydration.

The app can easily be downloaded in the App Store or Google Play Store. Open the app and click on ‘Start hydrating today!’

Scientifically researched

My_SmartBottle has drawn on the latest scientific research in the development of its smart bottle. For example, My_SmartBottle has worked with Dr. Servaas Bingé, the team sports doctor at Lotto Soudal, the renowned professional cycling team to integrate the latest sports science knowledge on hydration into the smart bottle’s capabilities including algorithms that generate the fluid intake recommendations.

Design expertise

The use of the ISP1507-AX RF module and its integration into the My_SmartBottle follows design advice and support given by Texim Europe, the technology solutions and supply chain partner, to Ygilis and its design house IMEC during the development of My_SmartBottle. Texim is also advising on future versions and the mass production of My_SmartBottle.


Insight SiP’s ISP1507-AX RF module is one of the smallest solutions on the market for sensor and mesh connectivity. It uses the NordicSemiConductor nRF52832 chip. The ISP1507-AX  is Bluetooth 5 ready, offers NFC pairing, a complete set of 30 IOs and has 512kB Flash and 64 kB RAM memories, and is ideal for wearables and any type of IoT-based technology including medical, fitness and healthcare connected objects.   

What they say

Koen Lenie, CEO, Ygilis and creator of My_SmartBottle said “To facilitate wireless communication between My_SmartBottle and its smartphone app, we needed an RF module that was as miniaturised, strong and reliable as possible and integrated easily into our design. The ISP1507 is our ideal RF module solution.”

Nick Wood, president, Insight SiP said “We are honoured to work with Koen and his team at Ygilis on the integration of our RF module into the design of the My_SmartBottle to ensure robust wireless communication capabilities for this exciting IoT-based smart bottle. This chimes perfectly with increased consumer demand for a scientific approach to gathering data and receiving recommendations on how to improve health and sports performance, in this case, through better hydration.”



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