RF module product spotlight ISP15 & ISP18 series for BLE app

Insight SIP introduced the 1507-AX BLE model around two years ago. It quickly became our “best-seller” offering a superb combination of performance and price in the smallest package on the market. We are now building on this success by expanding our offering with another product in the 15 Series, and launching the 18 Series products which open all kinds of new possibilities for our customers.

All products in the 15 and 18 Series share the same miniature 8 x 8 x 1 mm form factor. Moreover, all products share a common pinout for core features common across the family. This means a customer can design once, whilst offering multiple versions of a product without changing their application PCB. This is a unique feature of Insight SIP’s product family.

All the products are based on the Nordic Semiconductor leading edge nRF52 family of devices.

The different products on offer are as follows:-


This is a new product that offers the same core radio performance, powerful M$ processor and class leading power consumption features as the 1507-AX but at a more competitive price point.

The key difference between the AL and the AX is that the AL has 192K of Flash memory (as opposed to 512K) and 24K of RAM (as opposed to 64K).

The AL is therefore ideal for simpler applications or use cases where the BLE is just being used for communications and there is a separate host processor running the customer application.

There is companion “light” BLE stack which means more of the memory is available for customer applications. Full details are available at:-

Visit ISP1507-AL web pages


As mentioned above this product has been our “best-seller” over the last year. It is the mainstay of many customer applications with 512K Flash, and so plenty of space for customer applications. Sharing the same core radio performance as the 1507-AL, it adds a floating-point co-processor, NFC tag capability and additional interfaces and GPIOs. It can fully support the Bluetooth Mesh stack.

Visit ISP1507-AX web pages


The latest addition to the Insight SIP range adds BLE long range capability to the 1507 capability. Bluetooth long range extends effective range by a factor of four or more, so offers the possibility of communicating over several hundred metres.

On top of the long-range feature, this is a feature packed module with USB driver, ARM Cryptocell, even more I/Os and interfaces and a massive 1Mb of flash and 256K RAM. This is truly the “everything inside” module.

The module also goes “beyond BLE”, as it is a multi-protocol capable device allowing the option to run Zigbee or Thread stacks as an alternative to BLE.

Further details are available here.

Visit ISP1807-LR web pages


We expect to add some new products to the range over 2019, giving customers even more flexibility and choice. However already the 15/18 Series offers customers a unique offering for Nordic based modules, within a common package and pinout design for devices with different price/performance trade-offs.


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