SleepTuner™ wearable developed with Insight SiP's RF expertise

Beddr, a US health technology company, has created the SleepTuner™, the world’s smallest wearable that measures how breathing and sleep positions affect sleep quality. Through an app, it also offers insights into how to sleep better. Beddr has developed the SleepTuner™ with Insight SiP’s expertise in ultra-miniature RF modules.

Sleep disorders – a major issue

Sleep disorders are an international issue. According to Science Magazine, a recent survey of 54,722 adults (50 years and older) across 16 European countries showed that Polish adults had the most sleep problems with 31% experiencing difficulties whilst older Danish and Italian adults sleep more easily with only 16.6% reporting problems. The survey tells us that better quality sleep comes to those who are married rather than divorced or widowed and in their 60s rather than 50s. Those who enjoy higher socio-economic status experience fewer sleep problems.

Challenging consequences

The consequences of sleep deprivation may include chronic fatigue and daily underperformance, heightened risk for diabetes, depression and cardiovascular disease and increased likelihood to be involved in a serious accident.

The Beddr SleepTuner™ solution

To help solve these issues, Beddr created the SleepTuner™ using a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solution including an ultra-miniature RF module, the ISP1507-AX, developed by Insight SiP. This ultra-miniature RF module in the SleepTuner™ sensor enables it to communicate data wirelessly with the Beddr mobile app.

Measures multiple sleep characteristics

Weighing only 5.3 grams, the SleepTuner™ wearable can track and measure a wide-range of sleep characteristics including:

●        Sleep duration over multiple nights and the percentage time-on-side

●        Heart rate including average nightly heart rate, and graphs beats-per-minute detail throughout the night

●        Night-time breathing including detecting stopped breathing events and the impact of sleep position on breathing and blood oxygen levels.

Thanks to this data and an integrated sleep journal, the SleepTuner™ can help improve sleep health through personalized and actionable insights offered in the mobile app.

SleepTuner™ sensor

The SleepTuner™ sensor is worn on the forehead, allowing the user to sleep comfortably at home while providing high-definition sleep assessments. The forehead is also a clinically-validated location to capture accurate blood-oxygen and heart rate data. This location enables the sensor to detect the impact of your sleep position on your breathing and sleep quality in a way that wrist-worn sensors cannot.

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The SleepTuner™ is an FDA-Registered product supported by leading sleep physicians including Meir Kryger, MD, former President of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine who said “The SleepTuner™ is a leap forward in terms of usability and access. I'm excited to see how it can impact this significantly underserved need."

Technical background

The SleepTuner™ lasts at least 20 hours before it needs charging. For wireless communication, it uses a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solution including an ultra-miniature RF module, the ISP1507-AX, developed by Insight SiP based on the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 chip.

Insight SiP’s ISP1507-AX RF module is one of the smallest solutions on the market for sensor and mesh connectivity. It is Bluetooth 5 ready, offers NFC pairing, a complete set of 30 IOs and has 512kB Flash and 64 kB RAM memories. The ISP1507-AX is ideal for any type of wearable technology including medical, fitness and healthcare connected objects

Copyright: Beddr

Available now

The SleepTuner™ is available now from the Beddr website and retails for $149 USD plus shipping.




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