Multiprotocol Miniature Wireless Integration

There are two basic approaches to designing a wireless system – build the system from the ground up, with an RF chip, passives, filters, and connect an antenna, or use a wireless module that integrates all of these elements into a complete system.

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Integrating RF & IoT technologies into the design of smart PPE wearables to improve workplace safety

The management of workplace health and safety risks in the Covid-19 era has highlighted the importance of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for workers across industries including healthcare. Designers are now integrating technology, and often wireless solutions into equipment to create smart PPE. However, RF devices worn close to the body pose challenges, which Nick Wood, Sales & Marketing Director at RF circuit miniaturisation, system-in-package & antenna-in-package expert, Insight SiP reviews here…

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Tribuca - January 2019

A Sophia, Insight Sip prend du galon.
Après s'être affirmée à l'international, la PME de Sophia Antipolis est enfin reconnue par les professionnels de la microélectronique en France.

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Cette entreprise de Sophia Antipolis a développé une technique de composants permettant de réduire les coûts des équipements de communication radio.
C'est du Japon et d'Amérique du Nord qu'est venue la reconnaissance pour Insight SiP, spécialisé dans la conception de circuits RF (radiofréquence) ultra-miniaturisés.

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