BodyCAP eCelsius Performance Connect System uses Insight SiP’s RF modules

French MedTech BodyCAP has developed the pioneering eCelsius Performance Connect System, centred around a connected ingestible thermometer for Sports and Occupational Health Research applications, whose connectivity to smartphones and tablets is provided by Insight SiP’s ISP1807-LR RF module. 

This System enables continuous core body temperature monitoring. The thermometer is integrated into a capsule, which is swallowed. It then monitors and measures the core body temperature as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract until it is expelled, a process that typically takes 1.5 to 2 days but can last up to 6 days.

Innovative connected core body temperature data collection device

BodyCAP developed the eCelsius Performance research device which uses a small miniaturised ingestible electronic capsule, 2cm long. It is accurate to within ±0.1º C and includes a communication protocol which guarantees data security.

The ingested capsule transmits information via a sub-Gigahertz radio to a wearable watch-type device called ePerf Connect. This in turn relays data via Bluetooth which can be read by any compatible system, such as a smartphone or PC tablet. The ISP1807-LR module was chosen for its high memory capacity and flexible I/O set.

The ingested capsule relays information in real time every 15 seconds to 5 minutes period, to the ePerf Connect, which records the data and triggers alerts if the threshold temperature is exceeded.


Bluetooth connectivity is provided by Insight SiP’s ISP1807-LR RF module. Renowned for its compact size and low power consumption, this module is the backbone of the ePerf Connect device’s connectivity. The small form factor ensures unobtrusive integration, while the lower power consumption extends the operational life of the ePerf Connect, making it a reliable and long-lasting solution.

The module offers a Bluetooth 5 stack including long range, high throughput, advertising extensions and improved coexistence along with IPv6 connectivity and Mesh capabilities.

eCelsius Performance Connect System applications

Military & sports applications

The connected capsule has been used for since 2016 in military and sports applications for detailed analysis of hypothermia during marathons including the recent World Mountain and Trail Running Championships 2023, in Innsbruck, Austria and the Olympic Games.


What they said

[Sébastien Moussay, co-founder & Chairman of BodyCAP said “Insight SiP’s RF module is ideal for the connectivity of the eCelsius System, a complex application, requiring fast, reliable processing and best in class power consumption. The module’s small size made it ideal for our wearable gateway product, and the sophisticated features allowed it to form the core of this product. Our System is a breakthrough research and medical applications  where in which measuring core body temperatures is key to symptom diagnosis and finding the best solutions for patients.”]

Dr Nick Wood, director, Sales & Marketing, Insight SiP said [“We are proud to work with BodyCAP on its highly innovative eCelsius System and contribute our RF expertise and module to enable this connected medical device to provide patients with more effective diagnosis and optimal care.”

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About BodyCAP

BodyCAP is a company that designs, develops, and markets wireless and miniaturised physiological measurement solutions. Founded in 2011, BodyCAP has developed expertise in ultra-miniaturised systems, embedded software, and wireless communication. In particular, BodyCAP markets eCelsius Performance, a communicating electronic capsule dedicated to gastrointestinal core temperature measurement. BodyCAP operates in the sports, military, professional, clinical, and medical sectors.

About Insight SiP

With its R&D team based in Sophia Antipolis in the south of France, Insight SiP specialises in the miniaturisation of RF modules using System-in-Package technology. Its unique offerings include the smallest complete BLE module in the world, the world’s first Antenna-in-Package, the world’s first UWB/BLE and LoRa/BLE combo modules with integrated antennas, and the world’s smallest microcomputer in an SD card format.

Created in 2005 by experienced electronic industry executives, Insight SiP has been a global business since 2008 with a subsidiary in the US, a sales office in Japan and a network of over 30 distributors across the globe.


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