Sensoryx launches the Maliang Magic Pencil incorporating Insight SiP Bluetooth connectivity modules at CES 2024

Sensoryx, a leader in XR technology, is launching its “Maliang” Magic Pencil at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The Sensoryx Maliang Magic Pencil is a stylus which allows users to create and interact in three dimensions in virtual environments. Leading RF module developer Insight SiP provides the ISP1807 RF module which handles the connectivity and synchronization of the Maliang Magic Pencil to several host devices including XR headsets, computers and dedicated base stations.

One of the Maliang Magic Pencil’s key features, its innovative desktop functionality, enables users of Macs and PCs to air paint and write with almost limitless creativity in a virtual environment. The Maliang Magic Pencil is highly precise and easy to operate in both virtual and conventional desktop environments.

The Maliang Magic Pencil is named after Ma Liang, a character from a traditional Chinese folk tale who could create objects in the real world with a magic paintbrusThe Maliang stylus uses a unique combination of infrared LEDs, ultrasound and inertial tracking to create unparalleled precision in six degrees of freedom movement. This high-performance capability has been achieved within a lightweight ergonomic design. The clever combination of different technologies to localize the device is a key point in achieving a miniature device. The Maliang Magical Pencil is compatible with all modern VR headsets, PCs, and Apple devices. It also comes with a pre-bundled 3-D drawing application.


As the industry moves towards a controller-free paradigm, Sensoryx’s Maliang Magic Pencil is an ideal choice for head-mounted display (HMD) manufacturers to provide precision-based interactions for applications in the creative and gaming sectors, as well as professions such as architecture and industrial design.

For the connectivity to the host system, Bluetooth was the obvious technology choice, and the Insight SIP 1807-LR module was chosen as the natural fit to meet Sensoryx’s design goals of a high performing lightweight device. Salar Shahna, Director of Business Development at Sensoryx said “The Insight SiP solution is perfectly aligned with Sensoryx's unique selling points, enabling the smallest possible footprint for our Pencil at an affordable price, while relying on a prequalified design. We chose the 1807-LR specifically for its large memory, allowing over the air updates, and the large flexible GPIO set to connect all of our sensors and peripherals.”

Nick Wood, Director of Sales & Marketing, Insight SiP said “The sophistication, precision and user-friendliness of XR technology is being taken to new levels by Sensoryx’s Maliang Magic Pencil. We are honoured to partner with Sensoryx to provide the wireless connectivity for the Maliang Magic Pencil through our innovative and reliable ISP1807 RF module.”

The Maliang stylus is the first off the shelf product using the Sensoryx technology, but due to its miniature size it can also be incorporated into other form factors, such as a glove to offer a world of possibilities for augmented reality solutions.



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