Elite’s home bike trainer uses Insight SiP’s ISP1507-AX RF module for wireless connectivity

Indoor stationary exercise bikes have long been a fundamental part of every gym. However, other than requiring roughly the same leg movement, standard exercise bikes don’t feel much like riding a real bike. They are also rather large, heavy devices, making them less than ideal for home user. 


 Elite’s home trainers are different, linking your own bike to different kinds of resistance systems; either wheel or direct drive (i.e. to the bike drive chain). This gives both a more realistic indoor training workout, and offers more compact equipment, easily be stored away when not in use.

Wide availability of fitness and performance apps on phones has enabled amateurs to get access to the kind of performance analysis previously only available to professional athletes. It was therefore natural that the top end training systems offered by Elite would add connectivity for the users who want it.

Elite have selected Insight SIP’s 1507-AX module, based on the Nordic nRF52832, which provides both ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity. Data transmission is wireless via ANT+™ (Power and Speed & Cadence) and Bluetooth Smart. So the home trainer has complete interaction with apps, software, computers, smartphones, tablets, and Apple TV. By using standard profiles and communication standards, the home trainer can supply data seamlessly to the user’s fitness software.



The Bluetooth connectivity is designed to allow simultaneous connection to two Bluetooth® devices at the same time, such as a bike computer and training software, further increasing system flexibility. The module’s miniature 8 x 8 x 1mm size means that it can easily be fitted into the diverse range of compact products provided by Elite.

For some models, communication is bi-directional, allowing the application software to control resistance levels. This enables the user to follow a defined workout routine, or meet certain goals for energy output, calories burned, etc.

Alezzio Pizzetti, Project Design Manager said: “We chose the Insight SIP solution as it provides a high-performance miniature solution that fits into our existing home trainer designs and can be easily used in our new products whilst taking up minimal PCB space. We also like the fact that both ANT+ and BLE connectivity are within the same module, to offer best-in-class compatibility with popular indoor cycling platforms and devices.”

In addition to feeding training data to the user’s apps, the Elite ecosystem can create “virtual races” whereby users race with other cycling enthusiasts around the world. There are also connected accessories (also using Bluetooth) to include steering the bike as part of the fun, to further enhance the indoor experience and make it as immersive as possible.

Nick Wood, Sales, and Marketing Director for Insight SIP said: “We are delighted that Elite chose our devices for their connectivity solutions. These really are great looking bike trainers. We look forward to working with them on their future developments. With Elite’s products, training doesn’t have to be boring and artificial. We are proud to provide them with the connectivity modules as part of their solution.”




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